A Restart Party is a public event during which volunteers help others to repair their broken electronic devices.

While they wait for their turn, participants get to talk with each other and learn more about Restart Parties, while enjoying provides snacks and refreshments in a relaxed, playful and communal atmosphere.

On arrival, a participant and their devices get registered and matched with a volunteer capable of helping them. When their turn arrives, a participant get the chance to learn from volunteers while being highly involved in the process of repairing their device.

Finally, the objective of participating in a Restart Party is to develop awareness that broken devices can be repaired, and that sometimes it can be tremendously easy to extend the life of our devices. We can take responsability of preventing ecological and economical waste.


Restart PartiesBrought devicesRepaired devicesVolunteer hoursSaved wasteSaved CO2
25266 (est.)121 / 46% (est.)225 hours (est.)242 kg (est.)3230 kg (est.)