A Restart Party is a public event during which volunteers help others to repair their broken electronic devices.

While they wait for their turn, participants get to talk with each other and learn more about Restart Parties, while enjoying provides snacks and refreshments in a relaxed, playful and communal atmosphere.

On arrival, a participant and their devices get registered and matched with a volunteer capable of helping them. When their turn arrives, a participant get the chance to learn from volunteers while being highly involved in the process of repairing their device.

Finally, the objective of participating in a Restart Party is to develop awareness that broken devices can be repaired, and that sometimes it can be tremendously easy to extend the life of our devices. We can take responsability of preventing ecological and economical waste.

The Restart Code

Together we will fix our relationship with electronics and make our devices last longer. We will take back control of the stuff we own, and enjoy innovation at our own pace.

Before we buy:

– We will pick products designed to last

– We will take seriously the act of bringing another gadget into the world

When we get a new device:

– We will enjoy it!    

– We will protect it!

– We will learn the basics of maintenance

When we have a problem:

– We will not panic                     

– We will not think that only “geniuses” can help

If we solve our problem, we will share!

If we don’t, we will share our frustrations publicly, then give the device to somebody who can reuse it, or recycle it as a last resort.