Restarters Barcelona is an association that wants to promote alternatives to planned obsolescence and readaption of technical knowledge. Inspired by the Restart Project, this group emerges with the goal of activating and promoting self-organized Restart Parties in different neighborhoods of Barcelona. For this reason, our group is open to anybody interested in participating, even more so our goal is to spread our ideas to other people and groups to become a well supported movement.

Restarters Barcelona is formed partly by representatives of other similar iniativies such as ‘Reparat Millor que Nou‘, MaCUS de la Cooperativa Integral Catalana or the international network MEND*RS.

Award “Bones idees per canviar el món 2018”, Compromís Ciutadà per la Sostenibilitat 2012-2020, de la Xarxa + Sostenibilitat del Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Would you like to help out as a repairwoman or repairman? Would you like to organize a Restart Party in your neighborhood? We help you organize it!

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Collaborations and referents

Other projects that inspire us and we admire: